A.S.K. Electronica


Welcome to A.S.K. Electronica Radio's Official Website! We are dedicated to bringing you the best new experimental electronica from bands like Soundkraft, PinkLogik, JustPlainPaul and Teslacoil321. We also have various live shows and Music From Last Thursday every sunday.


We have been working hard to get this site up and running, in the mean time our radio station is on rotation mode. Soon we will be updating our shows and rotation list including a new show on Mondays called "Mellow Mondays". Stay tuned for these updates as they should be taking affect very soon.

How to navigate this site

Under the Audio tab to the right you can find links to where you can listen to some of the bands found on our radio station and find links to where you can buy their albums. Under Video you will find videos by the bands found on our station. Under Schedule you will find the schedule listing for our radio shows and find out when the best time to tune in for the music you love. Our Shop is open and ready for you to get ahold of the shirts and CDs of bands featured on our station. Of course, if you want to contact us about having your band featured on our station the Contact link is the one for you.

Soundkraft TGE